2015 Emmys: My Top Four Hits

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Sunday, everyone ran to the television not to see who won, but to see what people were wearing the the 2015 Emmy Awards Show.  Here are my top four favorites:


Teyonhah Parris in Francesca Miranda.  The dress just screamed “YES I HAVE ARRIVED”  it is a very bold statement garment.

                                  GettyImages-489367592_master.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x lady-gaga

Lady Gaga in a classy black Brandon Maxwell Gown


Christine Marazano in this see through gown.  Designer is unknown at this time.

2C91548700000578-3242510-image-a-25_1442787050645               1442784484_nancy-odell-zoom

Nancy O’Dell in a white gown designed by herself.

Of course there were many more fashion that walked the red carpet, but these were my favorites.  Much much respect goes out to Nancy O’Dell.  I can relate to her dress more as a fashion designer and seamstress.  Nancy also has her own clothing line as well.

Until next time, enjoy your fashion day,


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