My decisions today are a seed; so what’s the harvest?

~ Pastor Shun D. Strickland

YES, you read the title correctly….THE LITTLE RED HEN…the famous childhood book.

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The education system uses the story to teach children the importance of hard work and the consequences of being lazy or not helping.

I recently viewed a Facebook lesson from Pastor Shun Strickland where she spoke about lessons learn from the Little Red Hen. What she was able to draw from the story was she needed to, “break up with the guilty of feeling responsible for doing for people for what they would not do for themselves.”

Ooooooweeeee that hit my spirit down to the souls of my feet. You will have to view the entire Facebook Live lesson to pull your own perspective.

While searching for a picture for this blog post, I ran across a blog written by Myra Zapf “Why I Hate The Little Red Hen” she states :“I dislike the story because of its didactic sledgehammer, but if I’m really honest, I just really don’t like her. As a person. She’s mean-spirited and whiney, bossy and smug. And worst of all, she wallows in her self-martyrdom. In case you think me uncharitable, think about this. Did she explain to the other animals at the start that she was planning to make bread, in order to incentivise them? No, she didn’t. She kept her plans to herself like a control-freak. Or did she explain that she really needed help? No, she didn’t. Did she set out the possible consequences of their decision? No – she conned them into thinking they had a real choice. Why? Because she planned this little lesson all along. And worst of all, they are given no chance to redeem themselves or to make it up to her”

I read this and was like WHOOOOOO LIL MAMA YOU ARE TAKING THIS TOO FAR; but then I had to stop realize there are several versions of this story and I do not know which version she read, but I could see her point of view (you will have to read the entire blog post).

I’ve taken advantage of this down time during this 2020 Covid pandemic, to invest in myself and my business by enrolling in a lot of self help, business and education classes. My journal books are full and I have become more vocal in asking for what I need from others. Some people have asked me why I need the information, while others have given or pointed me in the direction to obtain what I need.

Depending on the version of the story you read, you will see the Little Red Hen had one job, and that was to lay eggs. She later discovered an opportunity and vision through the wheat. The Little Red Hen was willing to share the wealth of the opportunity with those who were willing to assist in execution of the vision. Each step she made she asked if anyone would like to assist. Since no one seem interested, she pressed forth, completed the mission and saw the Harvest. As others saw the end result, they wanted the Harvest as a handout and not a reward for the work done. See the The Little Red Hen laid a Blueprint to her harvest. She has actually created and left a legacy for her children and others to follow but YOU MUST DO THE WORK. I do not see The Little Red Hen as a control freak nor selfish when she did not share the harvest as Zapf mention above. I see The Little Red Hen as a GO GETTER! She had opportunity, vision, and a will to do the work.

I now sit with three different interpretations of a childhood story from three different reams, searching my soul, and opening my ears to hear from God on my next moves as an entrepreneur. The number 3 continues to ring in the back of my head. Depending on who you ask 3 can mean several things. Growing up in the church, 3 is the Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. I know whatever direction I go as an entrepreneur I will have the guidance, help and protection from above. I WILL NOT BE AFRAID NOR APOLOGETIC for my FUTURE SUCCESS.

What lesson(s) have you learned from The Little Red Hen?



I used to want the words ‘She tried’ on my tombstone. Now I want ‘She did it.’ ~ Katherine Dunham

I LOVE TO READ; it is very relaxing and allows me to drift into another world of no worries.  My 9 to 5 job consumes a lot of my reading time; therefore, I have to rely on audiobooks and podcasts for my drift away time.  Recently I was listening to the February 13, 2020 episode of Steve’s Daily Inspirations on the SHMS Shenanigans Podcast (Steve Harvey Morning Show Shenanigans).  This episode hit the core of my soul.  I stopped to take notes, but later my spirit said “you must blog these notes because someone else needs this just as much as you”.

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STATISTICS SAY: while this may sound like good advice, it can set you up for failure.  It’s people who have lost who try to justify why the lost who say “statistics say”.  One the spiritual side, you have to realize this is not scripture (in the bible).

      • When I heard this, all I could say was WOW! THIS IS SO TRUE!  I have to be honest; I was one who “believed” in statistics because someone took the time to do the research. Ohhhhh but when I entered college, that thinking went OUT THE DOOR and OUT OF MY VOCABULARY.  As an African-American Woman, I am always a “statistic” to the world. While attending Grambling State University, I learned QUICK to change my way of thinking because I was the “statistic” the world said did not attend college.  Here I was enrolled, attending and graduating from one of the top HBCU’s in the country.
      • I do not totally disregard statistics; I do pay attention and conduct my own research. There are positive and encouraging statistics (ex. Entrepreneurship among African American Women is on the rise), while the negative statistics push me to further myself and my community to a better light.

MAYBE IT’S NOT MEANT TO BE; I GUESS IT WASN’T THE LORD’S WILL: Don’t blame God for something you may have not done yourself. Because YOU did not get the proper education, do the things you were supposed to do, stay the task, quit, turned around and went the other way.

      • I AM GUILTY OF THIS STATEMENT. When things do not work out the first time and someone quotes one/both of these statements to me I respond by saying “Yeah you right” or “Maybe this was meant for someone else and not me.”  I NEED TO STOP IT RIGHT NOW!  I need to re-evaluate the situation, see what went wrong and what I need to do to execute this mission a full 100%.

DON’T PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET: If you don’t pour all your efforts into one thing, how are you going to be great at that one thing.

      • This is another statement that hit home for me. I would hear people saying this when growing up, but never fully understood until adulthood; and it took the children I worked with for me to understand it.  I worked with children who were labeled as having ADHA (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). This group of children felt as if they had to do everything to blend in, but in actuality if they remained focused on one task, they were able to master it and move on to the next.  None of their peers really cared if they could not multitask, it was only the adults.  The same adults who used “statistics”.  I learned then, if I don’t put all of my “eggs in one basket” how can I remain focused and master the task ahead.

WHAT IS YOUR BASKET MADE OF? If your basket is made of Faith, Hope, Hard Work, and Belief then you have a GOOD BASKET. Your basket is woven by God

      • After hearing this, there was nothing more to say! This statement alone canceled all the negativity of the first 3 statements

These gems are not only for my personal life, as I listened all I could vision was my business and the work I was and was not doing mentally and physically.  This entire blog post is will be posted to my affirmation wall as daily reminder.





*Disclaimer:  These are my personal takeaways from the podcast.  You may check out the podcast on your favorite podcast app.