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2021 Planner and Notebook Systems


I have finally narrowed down the planners I will be using for 2021. I’ll come back in the middle of the year with an update on how the systems are working. Check out my latest YouTube video with the details.


Pen from Craftie Diva Creations:…

CleverFox Planner:

Travelers Journal Booklets:

Tul Planner:

Tul Notebook:

I hope this information is helpful to you and if you have any suggestions please leave a comment.


2020 National Jelly Roll Day

September 19, 2020 was National Jelly Roll day and I decided to tackle two projects; 1 UFO and 1 new project. Since September 19, fell on the weekend I figured I would have plenty of time to at least have 1 completed or have both completed to the point of labeling and binding would be left to do.


TABLE RUNNER: you can find the pattern and instruction on the Youtube channel of Missouri Star Quilt Company

JELLY ROLL BRAID BY TINY ORCHARD QUILTS: you can find the pattern and instruction on her Youtube channel


TABLE RUNNER: I think it took me longer to cut the fabric than it did for me to sew it together. My only suggestion would be to lay the set out before sewing. I did find myself sewing a few sets to the wrong side. I did purchase the binding tool. I must say it had been a great investment because I can use it for other projects and assistance with making my own binding.

JELLY ROLL BRAID: While this was the easiest project, it took the longest for me to piece together because I am a pin person; I have to pin everything.


TABLE RUNNER: I will quilt this with the stitch in the ditch method.

JELLY ROLL BRAID: I am still debating if I want to send this quilt to the long armer, or straight line quit it myself. If I quilt it myself, I will follow the chevron pattern.


I am still searching for the perfect label, but I will be printing them from my home printer and a cute design. I will take left over scraps and create a boarder for the labels so they will not look so plain.


I will hand bind both projects. Yes I knew there is at machine version but I want to practice and perfect my hand sewing skills. I also have noticed when I bind by the sewing machine I still have to go back and hand stitch a few sections.


TABLE RUNNER: this project did not have to travel far because I gifted it to my father to add a little TLC to his living room table.

Baby Crib Quilt: this project will be packaged and delivery to my cousin and husband as they await the arrival of their second daughter. The entire family is excited.

What did you make for 2020 National Jelly Roll Day? Tag me on INSTAGRAM

Stay tune for an upcoming post as I break down in full details my two projects. I will post the links here as well.



My decisions today are a seed; so what’s the harvest?

~ Pastor Shun D. Strickland

YES, you read the title correctly….THE LITTLE RED HEN…the famous childhood book.

Photo courtesy of Frog Street


The education system uses the story to teach children the importance of hard work and the consequences of being lazy or not helping.

I recently viewed a Facebook lesson from Pastor Shun Strickland where she spoke about lessons learn from the Little Red Hen. What she was able to draw from the story was she needed to, “break up with the guilty of feeling responsible for doing for people for what they would not do for themselves.”

Ooooooweeeee that hit my spirit down to the souls of my feet. You will have to view the entire Facebook Live lesson to pull your own perspective.

While searching for a picture for this blog post, I ran across a blog written by Myra Zapf “Why I Hate The Little Red Hen” she states :“I dislike the story because of its didactic sledgehammer, but if I’m really honest, I just really don’t like her. As a person. She’s mean-spirited and whiney, bossy and smug. And worst of all, she wallows in her self-martyrdom. In case you think me uncharitable, think about this. Did she explain to the other animals at the start that she was planning to make bread, in order to incentivise them? No, she didn’t. She kept her plans to herself like a control-freak. Or did she explain that she really needed help? No, she didn’t. Did she set out the possible consequences of their decision? No – she conned them into thinking they had a real choice. Why? Because she planned this little lesson all along. And worst of all, they are given no chance to redeem themselves or to make it up to her”

I read this and was like WHOOOOOO LIL MAMA YOU ARE TAKING THIS TOO FAR; but then I had to stop realize there are several versions of this story and I do not know which version she read, but I could see her point of view (you will have to read the entire blog post).

I’ve taken advantage of this down time during this 2020 Covid pandemic, to invest in myself and my business by enrolling in a lot of self help, business and education classes. My journal books are full and I have become more vocal in asking for what I need from others. Some people have asked me why I need the information, while others have given or pointed me in the direction to obtain what I need.

Depending on the version of the story you read, you will see the Little Red Hen had one job, and that was to lay eggs. She later discovered an opportunity and vision through the wheat. The Little Red Hen was willing to share the wealth of the opportunity with those who were willing to assist in execution of the vision. Each step she made she asked if anyone would like to assist. Since no one seem interested, she pressed forth, completed the mission and saw the Harvest. As others saw the end result, they wanted the Harvest as a handout and not a reward for the work done. See the The Little Red Hen laid a Blueprint to her harvest. She has actually created and left a legacy for her children and others to follow but YOU MUST DO THE WORK. I do not see The Little Red Hen as a control freak nor selfish when she did not share the harvest as Zapf mention above. I see The Little Red Hen as a GO GETTER! She had opportunity, vision, and a will to do the work.

I now sit with three different interpretations of a childhood story from three different reams, searching my soul, and opening my ears to hear from God on my next moves as an entrepreneur. The number 3 continues to ring in the back of my head. Depending on who you ask 3 can mean several things. Growing up in the church, 3 is the Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. I know whatever direction I go as an entrepreneur I will have the guidance, help and protection from above. I WILL NOT BE AFRAID NOR APOLOGETIC for my FUTURE SUCCESS.

What lesson(s) have you learned from The Little Red Hen?

Learning New Stops, Quilting

Parallel Universe Mystery Quilt

When people ask me to do something and they are unclear of my vision or final outcome, I tell them “JUST TRUST THE PROCESS”. Today my quilt mentor told me, used my own words against me and told me “Just Trust the Process” . SO here I am signing upon for the Parallel Universe Mystery Quilt hosted and taught by Gyleen Fitzgerald, Ebony Love, and Latifah Saafir.

I am a current student of Mrs. Gyleen, I’ve followed Ms. Ebony for years but this will be my first time engaging with Ms. Latifah. I can not put into words how excited about this class series. Not only will I have the opportunity to study under 3 quilting “powerhouses” , but it brings me astonishing joy that they are 3 African American women who have and still are breaking barriers in the quilting industry. Not only do they design quilts and patterns, but they design their own quilting tool. Like WOW!!!!!!!! (shaking with joy).

Because this is mystery quilt and paid class I am unable to post to my social media pages my progress, but I will blog about the class and show off my quilt when the class is over and my quilt is completed. I hope some of my readers will be able to join me in this journey of 6 weeks of learning with 3 astonishing quilt masters, with an end result of 1 amazing quilt….. What a great way to start off 2021.

Instructor Backgrounds

Gyleen Fitzgerald:

Gyleen Fitzgerald makes quilts that blend color, pattern, and texture to provide a contemporary essence in traditional quilting. Her strength as a quilter is demonstrated by the infusion of engineering tools and innovative techniques to simplify visually complex quilts. She shares her enthusiasm for quilting through interactive lectures and workshops. As a writer, Gyleen centers on haiku poetry, quilt project books, magazine articles and children’s books.

An avid quilter, Gyleen has earned Best of Show honors and as a publisher, she is a Gold Medal winner for Quilts: Unfinished Stories with New Endings. She is best known for inspiring Trash to Treasure Pineapple Quilts and the creation of the Pineapple Tool by Gyleen.

Gyleen has appeared on The Quilt Show and Lifetime TV promoting a contemporary spirit in traditional quiltmaking.

Ebony Love, created LoveBug Studios as an outlet for her creative energy and to feed her soul. Over time, her business has changed and grown from taking commissions & creating custom quilts for clients to teaching the love of quilting to others. Ebony’s teachings are primarily online, but she also travels to guilds and shows to teach in person.

Latifah Saafir is known for her bold and innovative modern quilts. Combining her training as an engineer with her lifelong passion for sewing, Latifah creates designs that are graphic and contemporary, featuring challenging techniques with meticulous attention to detail. A co-founder of both the Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild and the worldwide Modern Quilt Guild, Latifah currently teaches workshops to guilds around the country.


ANCHOR C2C Graphghan

Here’s my spin on the corner to corner crochet Anchor Baby Blanket by Coffee and Crochet Goals. This was a very quick and easy crochet project I enjoyed and I know the recipient’s mother is going to be overjoyed when she see it. The funny thing is I made a crochet blank for her first child 14 years ago and now I am making another one for her last child.

Update: when the mother received the graphghan, the first thing she said was I still have the first blanket you made!!!! (you all know that warmed my heart)


Pattern can be found at Coffee and Crochet Goals



An easy and free C2C crochet nautical inspired baby blanket.
Original graphghan from Coffee & Crochet Goals

Pattern Description:  Corner 2 corner crochet graphghan

Pattern Sizing: 32 in x 32 in with shell, but mine finished at 36 x 36 . Perfect size for a baby crib or carrier cover.

Did it look like the photo/drawing once you were done?  Yes it did even though I used different colors, and expanded the boarder

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes this is a super simple pattern.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I love that the pattern came as a graph I was able to print out and actually see the blocks. If I had to choose a dislike for this pattern it would be I could not tell the front from the back without a crochet maker. I highly recommend using them for this project.

Yarn Used:  This year I am stash busting, so I used what was in my inventory. I used the Red Heart brand. I find that Red Heart and I Love Yarn are similar in weight, so I would follow the recommendations of the pattern.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: Besides the colors, I change the crochet style of the boarders and added a few extra rows. Also I used a size I crochet hook. The stitches were neat and tight even after washing the completed project.

Would you crochet it again? YES I WILL. 

Would you recommend it to others? Yes; Coffee & Crochet Goals did an excellent job creating this pattern.


  • Color #1: 2 skein of Cherry Red by Red Heart Super Saver
  • Color #2: 2 skeins of Shaded Dusk by Red Heart Super Saver (this color is hard to find in the stores now, you may have to order online).
  • Color #3: 1 skein of Soft Navy by Red Heart Super Saver
  • Size I crochet hook
  • Pattern graph
  • Scissors/Snippers
  • Tapestry needle
Here’s a picture of the graphghan before I added the boards.
…another view of the graphghan

Until next time….Happy Sewing and Creating,