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2021 Planner and Notebook Systems


I have finally narrowed down the planners I will be using for 2021. I’ll come back in the middle of the year with an update on how the systems are working. Check out my latest YouTube video with the details.


Pen from Craftie Diva Creations:…

CleverFox Planner:

Travelers Journal Booklets:

Tul Planner:

Tul Notebook:

I hope this information is helpful to you and if you have any suggestions please leave a comment.

Sew Biz Report


YES, YOU READ THE TITLE CORRECTLY. With all of the fun avatars floating around several social media platforms, I wanted to join in on the fun for my business. I found MARLEY ART through Black Business Focus Group. I reached out and my process began the same day. Less than 24 hours later my brand became a cartoon.

I can’t wait to use my cartoon logo on a few of my social media platforms and a few fun marketing tools for the business. I do have one other design in mind but I want to test the waters with this one first.

You all let me know how you feel about my cartoon.

Sew Biz Report

I’m BAACKKKKK (Well Kind of)

I know I’ve been MIA for a while, but there is a think called LIFE and it hit me.


One would be disappointed at set backs but I must say it was the best think that happened to me.  As many know I work a 9 to 5 and then come home to focus on my business.  It took a horrible mental toll on me to the point I could not remember what projects I had line up even though they were written down.  I was  an example of #TEAMTOOMUCH.  All of the self help books, articles, and podcast I love so much now had to be applied.

Just when I had a work balance here comes a very severe and traumatic shoulder injury (muscles and tendon shredded).  When the doctor told me surgery and a one year recovery time, I died inside.  WHAT WAS I GOING TO DO?  God spoke to me a week before my surgery and all of my fears and concerns were put to rest.

So here I am 6 months later post surgery.  Not fully recovered but making great progress.  I am not back to the sewing machine just yet, but my crochet hook has helped with my recovery and strength training.  In my downtime I’ve read and taken a few classes to improve the Aysun Taylor brand.  I think January of 2020 I will do a relaunch, but in the meantime I will continue to post new blogs, remain active on my social media platforms and continue to make and improve the Design portion until I am able to start the Fashion side again.

To anyone who has experienced a setback in your business, DON’T GIVE UP!  Take a break (as long as you need to), refocus and come back stronger than ever.  If you feel like coming back my not work, I suggest investing in our children.  Teach the knowledge and skill to a young person and watch the knowledge and skills blossom for the future generations #generationalwealth.

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Week 1: Each One Teach One Coaching Series

Being a HUGE fan of Mrs. Shari of My Daily Threadz and a customer of Bootstrap Fashion I was excited to learn of their recent collaboration.  Not only just for fashion, but they have taken the time out to teach us the business side of the sewing and fashion industry.  I will follow along in their series and give my reviews as I work the program.


The first week began of course with Yuliya and Shari introducing themselves and giving us a worksheet complete.  It was followed up with a  Each One Teach One Coaching Series Week One Video where the ladies really open up about some of their experiences in the industy.  I love how they expalined  the differences between the Hobbyiest and the Entreprenur.  What I most enjoyed about week one was the encouragement the ladies continued to give.  YOU MUST THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.  Thinking outside the box allows you not to have an excuse because you can be creative.

I leave week one asking myself:

  • What am I will in to invest?
  • Do I have the skills?
  • Am I committed?
  • Do I have the finances?

Stay tune as I contiue through this process…………………

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Sew Biz Report


Welcome to The Sewing Biz Report section of my blog.  I decided to add this section because there is so much information on the internet on business that is can be overwhelming.   Follow me as I share information and inspiration that is helping me transition my hobby to my passion to a profitable business.


Last year around this time I was motivated to start my sewing business.  Fast forward to today….I’m still in the same spot….motivated but did not move much. BUT within the year’s span,  I was able to collect A LOT of information.  So today I am gathering all my information, blog readings, books, workshops, online classes, etc and applying them. I will keep you all posted as to what is working for me vs. what is not.  Also if you see/read information that I am sharing, please feel free to try it for yourself (it may not be resourceful to me but maybe resourceful to you).  We are all here to encourage and help one another.

Lets Learn and Sew this Business together.  Until next time………

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