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Project Runway Australia: Season 2

Project Runway
Project Runway Australia Season 2

My sewing journey has lead me to step out of the box on many things.  This past week I watched Project Runway Australia Season 2 on YouTube.  I laughed the entire time at this cast because of the colorful words that came out of their mouths….LOL.  One thing I must say I’ve learned from the cast relating to sewing is:  STEP OUT THE BOX ON CREATIVITY.

Spoiler Alerts:

Episode #7 was my favorite.  The designers had create an innovative outfit using the fresh food and packaging available from Melbourne’s Victoria Market.  I was in awe at the garments designs at the end using only food.

William was one of my favorite designers because of the risk he took using color.  William would buy fabric just for the color and not the textile.  On a few judge reviews the color caused him to loose points but in the end it was a smart and successful signature style for him.

I personally would not have worn some of the designs by Anthony, but I had much respect for his creative mind.  Everything he designed out way out the box, but it worked because it was his personal style and signature.

When you have some free time one weekend, check out the archive show.

Sew in Love, Peace, and Joy,



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