The Ultimate Dressing Room’s 2015 Southern Fall Trunk Show

Meet Sulay Renee, owner and personal stylist of “The Ultimate Dressing Room, “Where Grownups Get to Play Dress Up.  Sulay Renee opened The Ultimate Dressing Room back in 2011 and it has been a huge success.  Most of Sulay’s success has come from the community work she does for the city.  These are the things many people do not hear about.  She believes EVERY WOMAN is BEAUTIFUL no mater what situation she may be in or come from.  When different events are held for cancer survivors, burn victims, or any illness that effects the self esteem of a woman, trust and believe, Sulay and UDR are there to help them restore their inner and outer beauty.

Owner of The Ultimate Dressing Room
Sulay Renee, Owner of The Ultimate Dressing Room

The invitation to the Trunk Show began with Pantone’s 2015 Fall Color Guide.  This was an awesome touch to the invite because it gave you a sneak peek into what the evening had in store for the audience and buyer.  Pantone’s 2015 fall guide is a huge hit this year because the colors are earthy neutrals that are part of the unisex pallet.

Pantone 2015 Fall Colors

Beginning right at 6pm on the dot, the audience was the Miracle Skirt.  This is a must have in every woman’s closet.  This skirt can be worn as a skirt, long tube top or a dress (if you buy two).  The Miracle Skirt forms to your curves leaving you with a beautiful smooth figure.  It even help with a little tummy control for those who worry about their pouch.  The skirt is sold in various colors of Navy, White, Turquoise, Black, Fuchsia, Red, Yellow, Royal, Purple, Orange, Teal, Mocha, Brown and range in sizes XS-3X.

Two skirts used to make a dress
Two skirts used to make a dress

IMG_8685 IMG_8690 IMG_8699 IMG_8703

Next we previewed the casual/fun day fall fashions.  Comfortable looks while still looking good as you run around town or even have a movie date night.  I have to say may favorite from this segment was the knit sweater.  I can see my self dressing this sweater up for business and down for a fun day/night out.  I think it is a must have for a woman’s wardrobe as well.

IMG_8710     IMG_8716     IMG_8720     IMG_8723

The ladies came back and hit us FIRE on the business attire for the fall. Beautiful Classy looks for the office or for a business meeting.  I loved all of these looks, it was kind of hard to select my favorite.

IMG_8756 IMG_8762 IMG_8766 IMG_8771

Who does not love a cute and comfortable jumpsuit?  I think I want one in every color.  Fun thing about jumpsuits, they can be dressed up or down as well.  JUMP JUMP JUMP

IMG_8736                    IMG_8776                    IMG_8735

IMG_8780             IMG_8783                      IMG_8798
After the jumpsuit we have a few more casual relax looks.

IMG_8742            IMG_8747            IMG_8748

I don’t care what modern age we are in, the retro look will NEVER leave.  UDR  brought back retro on a whole new level.  These bell bottom pants were a crowd pleaser.

IMG_8728 IMG_8731 IMG_8732 IMG_8788

Now this is TEXAS, and what girl does not LOVE her leather and fringe.  Another crowd pleaser for the evening, UDR gave us various ways of tstyling basic leather and fringe.  The tan vest was hands down my favorite garment of the night.   I can really see myself in this vest with a Steven Tyler swag

IMG_8829                   IMG_8830                 IMG_8834 IMG_8844            IMG_8845             IMG_8846

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you thought I forget them. NO, NO, NO….I had to save the best for last. MAXI DRESS TIME!!!!  YES, YES, UDR is not only the home of the Miracle Skirt, but they have a large selection of sassy maxi dresses.  From casual, to business, to sweet and sassy, these ladies brought the house down with the maxi’s.

IMG_8803    IMG_8804    IMG_8809    IMG_8811 IMG_8819     IMG_8822     IMG_8824

To end the trunk show, we were able to preview the 31 Days of Pink collections for this year.  31 Days of Pink is a tribute Breast Cancers.  For each day of October, Sulay wears pink (or fuchsia) to support and pay respect to those have fought the fight.

Sulay starting off the 31 Days of Peak segment of the Trunk Show
Sulay starting off the 31 Days of Peak segment of the Trunk Show

IMG_8872       IMG_8874      IMG_8878

IMG_8881       IMG_8888       IMG_8891

CONGRATULATIONS on this AWESOME TRUNK SHOW Sulay and The Ultimate Dressing Room Models and Staff.



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