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2016 Ready To Wear Challenge

How do you tell a person who LOVES shopping they can’t for a whole year.

I first heard of the Ready To Wear Challenge from Vatsla of Fashion Behind The Seams. We met on periscope and she was explaining the challenge and the things she had learned from it thus far.  This allowed her to me more creative and pushed her to improve her techniques on certain garment items the she would normally buy.

This encourage me to want to try because I began designing garments for area fashion shows.  I wanted my garments to be unique, not knock off copy cats.  I ordered a few sewing technique books, enrolled in a few online classes, and began following a few technique youtube channels.

Here I am banning myself from shopping for 2016.  This may be a little difficult because I am used to running in the store to pick up a cute shirt for a social gather.  Guess I need to have these shirts on deck now…lol.  I will post updated through the year on my progress.


Check out Vatsla’s summary on her RTW 2015 Fast.


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