Ovarian Cancer Awareness C2C Graphgan

Here is my spin on the Cancer Awareness Graphgan by Crochet Treasures



This project was very personal to me and very emotional to complete.  I made this for my sister friend who is currently taking chemo for her 3rd battle with ovarian cancer.  God places people in your life for a reason.  When we met, we click right off and have been good friends since.  When she called me the first two time to tell me she was ill, I could not go and help out because my immune system was very low.  I would have been more of a danger to her than the actual cancer and chemotherapy itself.  But when she called to inform me the cancer returned, I cried like a baby when we got off the phone.  An illness I spent most of my life running back and forth for check ups and prevention methods due to other medical issues has now hit my family/friend circle again.

As I Thank God for covering me all these years, I asked Him to  in to step in and cover my sister friend.  Since her chemo session are very long this round I thought it was be comforting for her to have something while in chemo to remind her her pray circle has her covered.  So I presented her (well mailed since she is quartined) this beautiful lap blanket to take with her to chemo.  It is very light weight for her to carry and warm enough to cover her when she gets cold.


Pattern:  Cancer Awareness Graphgan

Pattern Description:  Corner 2 corner crochet graphghan

Pattern Sizing: 55 in x 55 in with boarder, but mine finished at 42 inches x 43 inches

Did it look like the photo/drawing once you were done?  Yes it did even though I used different colors and smaller size crochet hook

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes this is a super simple pattern.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I love that the pattern came as a graph I was able to print out and actually see the blocks

Yarn Used: Color #1:  1 skein of Teal Never Enough by Craft Smart; Color #2: 2.5 skeins of Coffee Late by Red Heart


Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: I used a J hook instead of an L hook as suggested.  For my border I crocheted 2 rows.

Would you crochet it again? YES I WILL.  I may try this as a single crochet and make a pillow.

Would you recommend it to others? Yes; Crochet Treasures did an excellent job creating this pattern.  If you scroll through the blog, you will find another pattern alternative available.  I think I will try that one next.


  • Color #1:  1 skein of Teal Never Enough by Craft Smart
  • Color #2: 3 skeins of Coffee Late by Red Heart.
  • Size J crochet hook
  • Scissors/Snipers
  • Tapestry needle

This pattern really works up fast.  This was completed after a Saturday watching a marathon of my favorite tv show.

I really love how the colors are so warm and rich.  Just the right amount of cozy for the days my sister friend is not feeling well.


…and here we are all complete with two rounds of a border. Washed on a light wash and ready to mail out.  It finished at 42 x 43  Not sure how is did not manage a 43*43 but is ok, I still love the completed look and it will look awesome on my sister friend’s lap.



One last picture for all the social media sites….lol





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