2020 National Jelly Roll Day

September 19, 2020 was National Jelly Roll day and I decided to tackle two projects; 1 UFO and 1 new project. Since September 19, fell on the weekend I figured I would have plenty of time to at least have 1 completed or have both completed to the point of labeling and binding would be left to do.


TABLE RUNNER: you can find the pattern and instruction on the Youtube channel of Missouri Star Quilt Company https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjGifl2m_3k&t=407s

JELLY ROLL BRAID BY TINY ORCHARD QUILTS: you can find the pattern and instruction on her Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-f1tLIaErM


TABLE RUNNER: I think it took me longer to cut the fabric than it did for me to sew it together. My only suggestion would be to lay the set out before sewing. I did find myself sewing a few sets to the wrong side. I did purchase the binding tool. I must say it had been a great investment because I can use it for other projects and assistance with making my own binding.

JELLY ROLL BRAID: While this was the easiest project, it took the longest for me to piece together because I am a pin person; I have to pin everything.


TABLE RUNNER: I will quilt this with the stitch in the ditch method.

JELLY ROLL BRAID: I am still debating if I want to send this quilt to the long armer, or straight line quit it myself. If I quilt it myself, I will follow the chevron pattern.


I am still searching for the perfect label, but I will be printing them from my home printer and a cute design. I will take left over scraps and create a boarder for the labels so they will not look so plain.


I will hand bind both projects. Yes I knew there is at machine version but I want to practice and perfect my hand sewing skills. I also have noticed when I bind by the sewing machine I still have to go back and hand stitch a few sections.


TABLE RUNNER: this project did not have to travel far because I gifted it to my father to add a little TLC to his living room table.

Baby Crib Quilt: this project will be packaged and delivery to my cousin and husband as they await the arrival of their second daughter. The entire family is excited.

What did you make for 2020 National Jelly Roll Day? Tag me on INSTAGRAM

Stay tune for an upcoming post as I break down in full details my two projects. I will post the links here as well.


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