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Natural Soap Haul

As you all know, I have picked up the hobby of soap making.  Just like sewing it is exciting to make something and use it, knowing it is another task accomplished in life.  After a week of class with Zakia and Inez, I took my supply list and went shopping for items.  I wanted to check prices, locations, quality and quantity.   I like to spend my dollars in my city/community first before I order online.

While visiting Whole Foods, I stumble upon a natural soap display. Full of homemade soap.  Oh you know I had to grab a few pieces to sample them out.  Downside, the soaps did not have names.   It is ok, this will be part of my research project.  I want to be able to identify the smells of different oil and the chemical reactions my body has from them before I order in large bulk.  Also I was lucky to catch a few essential oils and coconut oil on sale.


Next I made a visit to my corner 99 cents store.  I was able to purchase a few glass bowls and spatulas.  Later this week I will visit my local grocery store and farmers market for ingredients and equipment supplies.

While excited about this new found hobby it is a little scary.  Like anything new, you do not want to mess up and you have the fear of what others may think or say.  But in my case my family and friends are excited about my new hobby.  I  really think they are excited they will be getting free stuff through my experiments….LOL.  Stay tune as I continue this  journey…..

Happy Sewing and now Happy Soaping,




7 thoughts on “Natural Soap Haul”

  1. I love natural soaps. I use the shea butter that is sold in cvs and target now. But if someone i know will be making soaps and its small black owned business I’M IN! GOOD LUCK AND KEEP ME POSTED! ..


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