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Should I become a BERNINA Brand Ambassador?

On yesterday one of my sewing mentors Mrs. Andrea of Sew-To-Fit recently announced Bernina was looking for new brand ambassadors.  When I read this I became super excited.   (Please click on Sew-To-Fit for the details to apply)

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 6.20.33 PM.png

I first learned of Bernina when I entered the sewing world.  My sewing instructor Leslie of The Sewcial Place recommended we follow DIY Blogger Mimi G.  When I visited her page, I saw the awesome sewing machines where she just pushed buttons and it threaded and cut buy itself.  I was in awe.  Mimi G later stated she was a Brand Ambassador, and recommended we follow the site for more DIY tutorials and classes offered by.

Fast forward to December 2015, I met Mrs. Andrea on periscope.  She gave us a tour of her sewing room, reviews of her sewing machines.  She had wonder reviews about Bernina, and informed us she was a brand ambassador.  She was gave us valuable information about Bernina’s machines, how to navigate their website,( Mrs. Andrea’s Bernina profile) and utilize the tools offered.  Later she took us on a periscope trip to her area Bernina vendor where she picked up the new B790.  For a whole week every night, Mrs. Andrea would scope about the machine, it features, and a snowman project Bernina asked them to complete and review.  That week I WAS SOLD.  She even sweeten the scope and took us to the Brand Ambassador annual conference were we were able to meet other ambassador around the country and make new social media friends.

Now I am sitting here wondering:  AM I READY FOR THIS?  CAN I DO THIS?  WILL THE SEWING WORLD APPRECIATE WHAT I HAVE TO OFFER?  AM I READY TO EXPOSE MYSELF ON AN INTERNATIONAL LEVEL? All of these questions are floating through my mind.  But, before I question  and worry myself, I am going to seek God on this matter.  This is a life changing and business move that is PLANNED FOR ME and not what I think I want.  So stay tune……..

Happy Sewing for 2016

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