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M6115 Sew A Long with The Sewcial Place

Saturday was my very first virtual sew-a-long with Leslie of  The Sewcial Place.  Mind you, I  have made this pattern several times in the past, but it is always great to learn different sewing techniques and styles from others.  Also, Leslie is my “Sew Mama” so yes I had to be in attendance.  I even invited my childhood friend Angela along for this virtual sew-a-long.



Class began at 9am on the dot.  Good part:  I did not have to leave my house nor my pajamas…lol


This is my moring class view

Poor me, I had connection problem with my computer so I had to begin class on my cell phone and transfer over the the tablet.  I was not a very good student :(.  I did not sew along with the live video like were were suppose to, I actually sat and took notes.  Why would I take notes on something I’ve done before?  Well Leslie put a little spin on the pattern and showed us how to add flare and style.

We were provided slides, watched the construction process from start to finished and learned how to read the pattern /pattern pieces.  After each sections, we were allowed to ask questions, and given times to complete each process.  Class was scheduled to end at 12 noon, but we went just a few minutes over.  No one mind because everyone was busy creating (in my case, taking notes).

At the end of class, Leslie gave us a gift 🙂  sorry I can’t tell, you should have signed up.  My friend Angela even sent me a message Thanking me for the invite and was excited about all the information she learned as well.

Stay tune…I will post my completed dress form today’s calls.  Thank you again Leslie.  I look forward to many more virtual classes to come.

Happy Sewing,



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