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Sewing for Charity: Pillowcase for MD Anderson’s Children’s Cancer Hospital

Most Sunday afternoons are spent with family, relaxing from a long week, and/or preparing for the upcoming week.  Welllllll my Sunday afternoon was spent a little differently.  It was spent SEWING!  Yes, you make say that is nothing new for me, but this sewing Sunday was spent with my sew sisters as we made pillowcases for Houston’s MD Anderson’s Children Cancer Hospital.

A few months ago Leslie of The Sewcial Place our “sew mama” (sewing instructor) asked us to come up with group projects and events for 2016.  We submitted a list of things and this was selected for our first event.


Pillowcase for MD Anderson’s Children’s Cancer Hospital


  1. Serger sewing machine and thread that would coordinate with all of the pillowcase I made.
  2. scissors, rotary cutter, snippers
  3. healing cutting mat
  4. chalk
  5. lots of pins
  6. lots of pretty fabric.  (search your personal fabric stash for remnants first before you purchase fabric.  You will be surprise what you find)

Written Instruction from Case for Smile:  Here you have a step by step written and photo instructions.

Missouri Quilt Company also has a written version and a youtube version that is easy to follow along. (this is the version I followed).


My fabric prep set up, packed to head to our sewing destination, and set up and ready to sew!

I did not post my cutting stage because again the links above have all of that information need and you also have to use a creative mind.  Plus you need a little concentration to make sure you have your cuts and measurements correct.

Here we are sewing the pillowcases together

We had a little assemble line going:  ladies ironing flaps/trims, ladies rolling and pinning, and ladies sewing.  This stage was fun because we rotated using each other’s sewing machines and cutting tools, learned new sewing features and techniques from one another. This was also our giggle and catch up on the happenings time.

Here are my sew sisters showing off completed pillowcase.  Look how beautiful and fun these look.

Here I am with two of the pillowcase I worked on.


……here is one of our sew sisters showing off our beautiful work.  We complete 48 pillowcase in the time allotted and took home some to complete for homework.  We will get together again in a few weeks to have a wash, iron, package, and deliver sewcial.  They will be some happy patients in the MD Anderson Children’s wing 🙂


The Ladies of The SEWCIAL PLACE Sewing Group….where we come together and Sewcialize 🙂


We Came, We Sewed, We Left

Happy Sewing,

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