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Week 1: Each One Teach One Coaching Series

Being a HUGE fan of Mrs. Shari of My Daily Threadz and a customer of Bootstrap Fashion I was excited to learn of their recent collaboration.  Not only just for fashion, but they have taken the time out to teach us the business side of the sewing and fashion industry.  I will follow along in their series and give my reviews as I work the program.


The first week began of course with Yuliya and Shari introducing themselves and giving us a worksheet complete.  It was followed up with a  Each One Teach One Coaching Series Week One Video where the ladies really open up about some of their experiences in the industy.  I love how they expalined  the differences between the Hobbyiest and the Entreprenur.  What I most enjoyed about week one was the encouragement the ladies continued to give.  YOU MUST THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.  Thinking outside the box allows you not to have an excuse because you can be creative.

I leave week one asking myself:

  • What am I will in to invest?
  • Do I have the skills?
  • Am I committed?
  • Do I have the finances?

Stay tune as I contiue through this process…………………

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