Sew Biz Report


Welcome to The Sewing Biz Report section of my blog.  I decided to add this section because there is so much information on the internet on business that is can be overwhelming.   Follow me as I share information and inspiration that is helping me transition my hobby to my passion to a profitable business.


Last year around this time I was motivated to start my sewing business.  Fast forward to today….I’m still in the same spot….motivated but did not move much. BUT within the year’s span,  I was able to collect A LOT of information.  So today I am gathering all my information, blog readings, books, workshops, online classes, etc and applying them. I will keep you all posted as to what is working for me vs. what is not.  Also if you see/read information that I am sharing, please feel free to try it for yourself (it may not be resourceful to me but maybe resourceful to you).  We are all here to encourage and help one another.

Lets Learn and Sew this Business together.  Until next time………

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