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2016 Ready To Wear Challenge

How do you tell a person who LOVES shopping they can’t for a whole year.

I first heard of the Ready To Wear Challenge from Vatsla of Fashion Behind The Seams. We met on periscope and she was explaining the challenge and the things she had learned from it thus far.  This allowed her to me more creative and pushed her to improve her techniques on certain garment items the she would normally buy.

This encourage me to want to try because I began designing garments for area fashion shows.  I wanted my garments to be unique, not knock off copy cats.  I ordered a few sewing technique books, enrolled in a few online classes, and began following a few technique youtube channels.

Here I am banning myself from shopping for 2016.  This may be a little difficult because I am used to running in the store to pick up a cute shirt for a social gather.  Guess I need to have these shirts on deck now…lol.  I will post updated through the year on my progress.


Check out Vatsla’s summary on her RTW 2015 Fast.

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McCall’s 6744 Pattern Review

I made this mock wrap dress for a Saturday evening bridal shower back in July of 2014.  I chose this fabric color because they were the colors of the wedding, black, red, and white.  I received a lot of compliments on the dress and when people found out I made it, they really became excited.

M6744 View D

Pattern: M6744 VIEW D

Pattern Description:  Pull over dress with elasticized waist, mock wrap, very loose-fitting bodice with elasticized shoulders.

Pattern Sizing: I cut size XXL, next time I will go down a size smaller

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done?  Yes

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes this is a super simple pattern.  I completed it in 3 hours.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I loved how the shoulder came out with the elastic.  I was very proud of myself

Fabric Used: Cotton Jersey Knit from Hancock Fabrics

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: I did not add elastic to the waist because I knew I was going to wear this with a belt.  Other than that I followed all other instructions.  For some reason I ran out of fabric, so I had to run and get more.  Thank God the store still had plenty.

Would you sew it again? Sure will.  I want to make another long version and a short version

Would you recommend it to others? Yes

Happy Sewing,


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Sewing for Charity: Pillowcase for MD Anderson’s Children’s Cancer Hospital

Most Sunday afternoons are spent with family, relaxing from a long week, and/or preparing for the upcoming week.  Welllllll my Sunday afternoon was spent a little differently.  It was spent SEWING!  Yes, you make say that is nothing new for me, but this sewing Sunday was spent with my sew sisters as we made pillowcases for Houston’s MD Anderson’s Children Cancer Hospital.

A few months ago Leslie of The Sewcial Place our “sew mama” (sewing instructor) asked us to come up with group projects and events for 2016.  We submitted a list of things and this was selected for our first event.


Pillowcase for MD Anderson’s Children’s Cancer Hospital


  1. Serger sewing machine and thread that would coordinate with all of the pillowcase I made.
  2. scissors, rotary cutter, snippers
  3. healing cutting mat
  4. chalk
  5. lots of pins
  6. lots of pretty fabric.  (search your personal fabric stash for remnants first before you purchase fabric.  You will be surprise what you find)

Written Instruction from Case for Smile:  Here you have a step by step written and photo instructions.

Missouri Quilt Company also has a written version and a youtube version that is easy to follow along. (this is the version I followed).


My fabric prep set up, packed to head to our sewing destination, and set up and ready to sew!

I did not post my cutting stage because again the links above have all of that information need and you also have to use a creative mind.  Plus you need a little concentration to make sure you have your cuts and measurements correct.

Here we are sewing the pillowcases together

We had a little assemble line going:  ladies ironing flaps/trims, ladies rolling and pinning, and ladies sewing.  This stage was fun because we rotated using each other’s sewing machines and cutting tools, learned new sewing features and techniques from one another. This was also our giggle and catch up on the happenings time.

Here are my sew sisters showing off completed pillowcase.  Look how beautiful and fun these look.

Here I am with two of the pillowcase I worked on.


……here is one of our sew sisters showing off our beautiful work.  We complete 48 pillowcase in the time allotted and took home some to complete for homework.  We will get together again in a few weeks to have a wash, iron, package, and deliver sewcial.  They will be some happy patients in the MD Anderson Children’s wing 🙂


The Ladies of The SEWCIAL PLACE Sewing Group….where we come together and Sewcialize 🙂


We Came, We Sewed, We Left

Happy Sewing,

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M6115 Sew A Long with The Sewcial Place

Saturday was my very first virtual sew-a-long with Leslie of  The Sewcial Place.  Mind you, I  have made this pattern several times in the past, but it is always great to learn different sewing techniques and styles from others.  Also, Leslie is my “Sew Mama” so yes I had to be in attendance.  I even invited my childhood friend Angela along for this virtual sew-a-long.



Class began at 9am on the dot.  Good part:  I did not have to leave my house nor my pajamas…lol


This is my moring class view

Poor me, I had connection problem with my computer so I had to begin class on my cell phone and transfer over the the tablet.  I was not a very good student :(.  I did not sew along with the live video like were were suppose to, I actually sat and took notes.  Why would I take notes on something I’ve done before?  Well Leslie put a little spin on the pattern and showed us how to add flare and style.

We were provided slides, watched the construction process from start to finished and learned how to read the pattern /pattern pieces.  After each sections, we were allowed to ask questions, and given times to complete each process.  Class was scheduled to end at 12 noon, but we went just a few minutes over.  No one mind because everyone was busy creating (in my case, taking notes).

At the end of class, Leslie gave us a gift 🙂  sorry I can’t tell, you should have signed up.  My friend Angela even sent me a message Thanking me for the invite and was excited about all the information she learned as well.

Stay tune…I will post my completed dress form today’s calls.  Thank you again Leslie.  I look forward to many more virtual classes to come.

Happy Sewing,


Sewing and Crafts

Should I become a BERNINA Brand Ambassador?

On yesterday one of my sewing mentors Mrs. Andrea of Sew-To-Fit recently announced Bernina was looking for new brand ambassadors.  When I read this I became super excited.   (Please click on Sew-To-Fit for the details to apply)

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 6.20.33 PM.png

I first learned of Bernina when I entered the sewing world.  My sewing instructor Leslie of The Sewcial Place recommended we follow DIY Blogger Mimi G.  When I visited her page, I saw the awesome sewing machines where she just pushed buttons and it threaded and cut buy itself.  I was in awe.  Mimi G later stated she was a Brand Ambassador, and recommended we follow the site for more DIY tutorials and classes offered by.

Fast forward to December 2015, I met Mrs. Andrea on periscope.  She gave us a tour of her sewing room, reviews of her sewing machines.  She had wonder reviews about Bernina, and informed us she was a brand ambassador.  She was gave us valuable information about Bernina’s machines, how to navigate their website,( Mrs. Andrea’s Bernina profile) and utilize the tools offered.  Later she took us on a periscope trip to her area Bernina vendor where she picked up the new B790.  For a whole week every night, Mrs. Andrea would scope about the machine, it features, and a snowman project Bernina asked them to complete and review.  That week I WAS SOLD.  She even sweeten the scope and took us to the Brand Ambassador annual conference were we were able to meet other ambassador around the country and make new social media friends.

Now I am sitting here wondering:  AM I READY FOR THIS?  CAN I DO THIS?  WILL THE SEWING WORLD APPRECIATE WHAT I HAVE TO OFFER?  AM I READY TO EXPOSE MYSELF ON AN INTERNATIONAL LEVEL? All of these questions are floating through my mind.  But, before I question  and worry myself, I am going to seek God on this matter.  This is a life changing and business move that is PLANNED FOR ME and not what I think I want.  So stay tune……..

Happy Sewing for 2016

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Sewing Machine Feet from A to Z

Sewing Machine Feet from A to Z

Course Description from Craftsy:  Designer, patternmaker and sewing instructor Steffani Lincecum teaches you how to identify and use 11 of the most common sewing feet. Start with zipper and buttonhole feet, then learn how to use blind-hem and rolled-hem feet to finish your work like a pro. Finish with a tour of popular optional feet that help you achieve perfect topstitching, gathers, couching, free-motion stitching and more.

Here I am shopping for a new sewing machine to do all these fancy stitches and looks, and I had it all the time.  All I had to do was buy a box set of sewing feet for my machine.  I was very impressed with this quick class.  It was not long and the key to the course is PRACTICE!

Whether you are new to sewing or have been sewing for a long time, this class is a must!!  You will be amazed to learn what your machine and what you care capable of creating just by knowing which feet can achieve what look.

Sew Much Love,


Sewing and Crafts


YES, September is National Sewing Month and I am super excited.


The observance of National Sewing Month began in 1982 with a proclamation from President Ronald Reagan declaring September as National Sewing Month “In recognition of the importance of home sewing to our Nation.”

This year I pledge to do something sewing related each day.  How many of my sew sisters and brothers will join me?  I will journal my sewing activities, and blog them once a week.  A strong commitment to make, but this will allow me to increase my sewing skills and knowledge.

If you would like to read more on National Sewing Month and the different activities, visit National Sewing Month website

Let the sewing challenge begin!!!